Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reflections on 2014


'Twas a pink and blue aurora, 
 not unlike all the rest,
Clouds, then snows on peaks, 
 started peach toned, from the west.
Here and there were houses, 
 some trees were warmed with lights,
Sun rising, lights turn off, 
 pale snows then turn to whites.
Wisps of clouds unmoving 
 as they light up, changing hues,
The fire moves east to west, 
 peach on blue, dynamic views.
With brisk sun, discrete parts 
 of the scene then take their turn.
Four elk to my south, 
 exhaled breaths all seem to burn.
Elk hide blends with brush, 
 racks held up, they grace the sky,
My heart pounds as they graze, 
 none trusts me, I know why.
The fire then subsides, 
 the scene now whites and grays.
Morning sun, behind blankets, 
 distinct clouds now just a haze.
A day quite like all others, 
 each is prized in many ways.
Winds dance with sage and branches, 
 a leafless aspen sways.