Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Holiday Wishes

‘Twas two years since I’ve penned,
lots to share with my friends,
Have made more time for trips, not just on the weekends.
Our great parks, grandiose, need more time to explore
Carved by Nature so slowly, much too great to ignore.
To the north or the south, the tough calls we must make
Each unique.  Each sublime.  We inhale and partake.
We must choose from the seven, a short drive from our drive,
Or just hike hills out back, make our bones feel alive.
Frisbee golf, it’s not work, we’ve climbed up, and then down,
With the deer, and some eagles, looking down over town.

Then to Paris, yes, France.  Coast of Alaska as well.
On Hawaii’s Big Isle cast a black lava spell.
Up north to Victoria,  spellbinding and fun
On the west shore of Ireland, waved goodnight to the sun.

Frequent visits to Tulsa with Oktoberfest stein
Local brew is quite good, but we much prefer wine.
Stuffed our bags with some Paddy’s, very smooth Irish brew.
On your next trip to Utah, hope to share some with you.

And my wife working hard to keep Trumpishness out
Of her life, and her day, and at night, Irish stout.
Ev’ry night we sit back and reflect on our luck
As the sun coats the sky, acronym, WTF.
Our kids each work hard and augment their great skill
Couldn’t ask for much more, makes our world brighter still.

But my gift, quite heartfelt, is my world on a disc
It spans half our lives, with one asterisk.
There are voices and smiles and great moments now gone
So much there, not the best, good enough to pass on.
Generations to come might find something worthwhile
Like Gam, on a scooter, going fast up the aisle.
A brief taste of forebears, wish we’d had more to share,
Not just a name or a job, smiling eyes for an heir.
Or your child, someday parent, grandpa/grandma as well,
At a lake, at the zoo, no clear way to foretell.