Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Transitions

'Twas a year with great change, now we're in our new place,
Old home's sale to arrange, all our things boxed in space.
Our whole life took a turn, years of things, all gone past,
Lots of new things to learn, and each day goes by fast.
Rugged mountains at peace, like strong gymnasts with grace,
Hard reserves soft as fleece, light and clouds skim their face.
So much there to explore, weekly treks unsurpassed,
What's tonight got in store?  Purple sunsets don't last.

Hot tub stars sail on by, make our slopes seem so young,
Nightly smile from our high, catch some flakes on your tongue.
Very cold on our cheeks, yet our muscles relax,
Neither one of us speaks, deep slow breaths to the max.
The commute every day with the mountains, each side,
Watch for moose on the way, steer downhill, brakes applied.
Karen drives past the U, the VA on her left,
Inspirational too, research ops, not bereft.
Every day, something new, with top minds it's a breeze,
Each doc asks for her view, which she offers with ease.
Afternoon up the hill, back to mountain delights,
Never reaching her fill, tackling new and great heights.
Alpine lakes are close by, Crystal Lake favored most,
We take cheese and some wine, raise our plastic to toast,
Private lake with some deer, at most forty acres,
Forty minutes from here, yet we, its sole takers.
At ten thousand feet high, a short hike to its shore,
Lake trout really do fly, above the ice they explore.

Right now the thunder rolls, no storm around, just snow,
It's avalanche controls, each boom shakes glass just so.
Can't see the tops of slopes, new clouds appear like foam,
We skiers build our hopes, five minutes from our home.
It's time to use our pass, to ski each day we can,
Ignore your shaking mass, the thunder booms again.

Summer, one day's tally, we did at least four parks,
Saw sun rise in the valley, some pre-historic sharks,
Rivers snaking, cutting, through a thousand feet of stone,
Climbing, hiking, drinking, watching sun descend alone.
Silly Sundays our routine, outdoor concerts on most nights,
Sundance Films must be seen, miles of trails, all at heights,
Farmers markets and the arts, town parades, all come out,
Old hippies with some money, how did this come about?
Most bring munchies, cheese, and wine, to the city park to share,
Mellow afternoon, divine, no mosquitoes, not a care,
Perfect temp and sun is out, air is thin, but that's okay,
Main Street pubs, without a doubt, each unique and worth a stay.

Jamie at Egyptian, summer camps as teacher's aide,
Continues on the stage, but more back than front, and paid.
Then Alex sold our old place, back in Tulsa she did stay,
Fresh flowers just in case, and then she sold it in a day.
Drove Dad through Arizona to our Utah home up high,
Defined our new persona as we hiked up to the sky.
Then off to school again so she could learn her carnal craft,
PT adrenaline, and with friends, a shot, or draft.

Of course our biggest dreams (and most came true this year),
Patrick with Amanda beams, their lives as one, sincere.
The Kennas join the Gribbins for a journey convoluted,
We lifted up our glasses, toasted with Swarovsky fluted.
Amanda planned her party, added Oklahoma weather,
The food and drink were hearty, nice words were said together.
Couldn't help but recall when, my wife and I just started,
All the other smiles back then, of many faces, since departed,
So much love we share together, and to see it in one place,
Reminds me we're all tethered, in a happy kind of space.
Facetimed, we share our smiles, it helps the longing ease,
Helps us ignore the miles, we can visit when we please.
Do enjoy each time we hug, feel each breath, please make it last,
Electric love, life's drug, when it sparks, it goes too fast.
I love you all, I've said it.  Just in case you did not know.
The clouds return.  I edit.  To the mountaintop I go.

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